This is always a heart-warming time of the year. The gifts from IAT members and supporters are coming in and we are all feeling grateful for the generous support.

On Sunday, December 3rd, Dick Anderson organized a gathering of old friends in Yarmouth, Maine, which included one of the IAT’s longest standing financial supporters. Twenty-six years ago, Eddie Woodin was inspired by the idea of linking Maine, New Brunswick, and Quebec with a footpath. Eddie is a life-long birder as well as a storied football and hockey standout at Colby College. He understands the value of physical exercise, and especially the benefits to mental and physical health of activity in the outdoors. Eddie loves nature (especially birds!), and the IAT “ticks a lot of boxes” for him.

The IAT celebrates the notion of thinking beyond borders, and especially about the natural and geologic heritage that connects us in this corner of North America.

Thanks to Eddie Woodin and many others, the Maine Chapter of the IAT will continue to work hard to ensure that the footpath that links Maine to Canada will remain in good shape, and that we will all have the opportunity to learn about the birds and all of the natural and geologic heritage that link us. 

If you would like to contribute to the Annual Appeal this holiday season, please visit our 2023 Annual Appeal page.

Thanks again for your support of the IAT!

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