Spring 2014 Trail Work Trip Report

With help from Susan and Mark Adams, Walter Anderson, Herb Hartman, brothers Bob & Alan Johnston, Don Hudson, Cheryl & Kirk St. Peter, Dave Rand, Earl Raymond and Cliff Young the following work was accomplished on the June 2014 Bowlin Camps-based Work Trip:
The trail was checked from the Grand Lake Road to the summit of Lunksoos Mt.Several blowdowns were cleared on the way up to the Lunksoos campsite from Bowlin.Tags and posts were checked and a few tags were placed where needed.The Lunksoos lean-to and privy were inspected and the fire ring was mineralized.The view of Katahdin from the lean-to was cleared and log deck brush was cut back.The Grand Pitch campsite and privy were swept.Grass was cleared down to mineral soil around the fire pit.A new route to skirt the wet section of the Old Telos TOTE Road after The Pines was established by making a trail up to the K Comp road and then returning to the Old Telos Tote Road at the log landing clearing .
As always, IAT Chef and Chief Geologist, Walter Anderson, provided some delicious meals, Poland Spring water and kept the group entertained with his stories, rants and heckles. Thank you to Bob Johnston for his delicious beef stew and salad. Newly appointed Maine Chapter Vice President, Cheryl St. Peter kept everyone pleasantly delighted with her strawberry-rhubarb cake and fudge!