Chief IAT Geologist, Walter Anderson, Celebrates 85th Birthday!

Dick Anderson presents Walter with his cake while Walter’s daughter (Ruth) and wife (Ann) look on.
Family and friends gathered at the Muddy Rudder in Yarmouth, Maine on Thursday, February 27th, to wish Walter Anderson a happy 85th birthday.

Fellow Geologist and IAT Board Member, Bob Marvinney with Walter
Fellow geologists and colleagues on the board of the Maine Chapter of the IAT noted Walter’s long career as the Maine State Geologist. Under Walter’s direction maps of the state’s bedrock and surficial geology were updated, and a new map of the state’s water aquifer resources was created. Walter introduced geographic information systems mapping to Maine as part of the process to determine Maine’s suitability to host a deep geologic repository for high level radioactive waste. The answer was “No!”

Dick Anderson welcoming all to the event. IAT Board Secretary, Seth Levy; IAT Vice President Cheryl St. Peter and IAT member Kirk St. Peter also showing support from the sidelines.
Walter joined the board of the Maine Chapter of the IAT in 2004 and developed the first maps of the trail in Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec and Newfoundland. From his first days on the board, Walter emphasized the importance of geology to the story of the trail. When a couple of Scottish geologists attended a Geological Society of America meeting in Portland, Maine in 2008, they stopped by a poster prepared by Walter that illustrated the Appalachian orogeny through time, ending with the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. Now, those ancient mountains can be found around the rim of the North Atlantic from Alabama to Morocco.
It’s fair to say that Walter’s illustration prompted an invitation to the IAT to attend meetings in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. The rest is history! The IAT now winds its way through thirteen countries on three continents, thanks in large part to Walter’s leadership and his teaching about the origin of our common geologic heritage.

IAT Maine Chapter President, Don Hudson, presenting Walter with gift and endowment fund announcement
After we enjoyed a variety of stories from colleagues and friends highlighting their adventures with Walt, Don Hudson announced the establishment of the Walter Anderson Endowment Fund. Thank you to all who contributed to the fund that will ensure Walter’s efforts will continue on for many years.

Tom Eastler presenting Walter with a contribution to the Endowment Fund
IAT Sponsor, Eddie Woodin, wishing birthday wishes to Walter

Anne Tara sharing stories of travels with Walter

Anne Tara sharing stories of travels with Walter

Ann and Walter Anderson, IAT Board member Ed Friedman with wife Carol, Anne Tara & Former IAT Board member, Tom Rumpf

IAT Member Fred Beck, Former IAT Treasurer Bob Lemieux, Walter Anderson and Arthur Hussey

IAT Board member, Will Richard, Connie Gemer and John Tewhey