(left to right) Bob Marvinney, Walter Anderson and Don Hudson
On Tuesday, May 20, Don Hudson, Bob Marvinney and Walter Anderson of the Maine Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail departed Maine to attend the 2014 Joint Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Canada- Mineral Association of Canada (GAC-MAC). The meeting was attended by approximately 900 professional geologists, educators, public officials and industry representatives.
The GAC-MAC program consisted of numerous oral presentations and poster exhibits covering a variety of theme sessions, including “Geoheritage: Earth’s Past, Our Future”. At this very well attended session the Maine IAT delivered an oral presentation entitled, “The International Appalachian Trail: The Ancient Ambassador of the Geosciences to Modern Society:” Presentations were also given by Bob Marvinney and Henry Berry of The Maine Geological Survey and Doug Reusch of The University of Maine Farmington. The International Appalachian Trail was well represented at the GAC-MAC annual meeting.
Respectfully submitted: Walter Anderson May 2014

2014 IAT 20th Anniversary Meeting and NAAGM

Will Richard Photo
From June 4 – 7, the International Appalachian Trail held its 20th Anniversary IAT North America General Meeting at Twin Pine Camps near Millinocket, Maine. Located in view of (Mount) Katahdin – the end of the AT and beginning of the IAT – it was here at the 2008 AGM that the IAT decided to extend across the Atlantic Ocean to Western Europe and North Africa. A special focus of the 20th anniversary meeting was geo-heritage, including presentations by a number of respected geologists from the U.S., Canada and Scotland.