Dick and many others at the site of the world’s first legislative gathering, Thingvillar National Park, Iceland, June 2012. This was the first IAT gathering that included colleagues from across Europe.

On Earth Day 2023 we celebrate the launch of the International Appalachian Trail, which was the brainchild of Dick Anderson, who many in Maine will remember as the first Executive Director of the Maine Audubon Society, and then the Commissioner of the (old) Department of Conservation during Joe Brennan’s two terms as Governor of Maine (1978-1986).


The IAT was launched at a press conference held by Joe Brennan, at which Don Hudson spoke about the ecological and geological connections between the state of Maine and the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. The IAT was proposed to link the highest points in these three jurisdictions, and now it extends around the North Atlantic to Europe and North Africa. 


Dick Anderson has served on the Board of Directors of the Maine IAT since its founding in 1994, and will be stepping down in May to become an Honorary Director.


Three cheers for Dick, and for the tireless energy and enthusiasm he has poured into bringing the dream of a special long distance trail to a reality that none of us would ever have imagined in 1994!

Don Hudson and Dick Anderson on Mt. Jacques Cartier
Don Hudson and Dick Anderson on Mt. Jacques Cartier, October 1997
Dick Anderson addressing the crowd gathered at Cap Gaspé in June 1999 to celebrate the completion of the Quebec section of the IAT.
Dick Anderson, Suzanne Goulet, and Dave Rand, working on the restoration of the Fire Cab on Deasey Mountain, along the IAT in Maine, September 2004.


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