Dick Anderson at work

Hello Friends!

The end of the year is just a few days away. Covid19 has shaped 2020. Vaccines are on the way, so 2021 is sure to be a better year.

I spent much of the past year in a wonderful home for “old people” in the historic district of Portland Maine. We had a few COVID-19 cases and we lived a pretty austere life. No visitors, no visiting your neighbors, no activities and so on. The staff did a great job of keeping us well.

Walks on nearby city sidewalks were the limit of my outside excursions. But I enjoyed hearing from many of you who managed to get out on the trails in Maine and elsewhere.

We did our Board and Administrative meetings by ZOOM, including our annual meeting. One benefit of this was it allowed participants from Newfoundland, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Georgia to attend!

After the big party for my 85th birthday last December, I spent my 86th alone in my room eating a nice meal and having a glass of Chardonnay. I am REALLY looking forward to getting together with trail friends again and working together to make up for all the things we did not get done on the IAT this year.

Dick at work in pre-COVID times

Next year, with luck, we’ll be able to resume our happy and productive in-person gatherings, both in Maine and internationally, and continue our effort to make the IAT the best hiking trail it can be.

Here’s to a great 2021!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your support.  

Dick Anderson 

PS – As the 2020 draws to a close please consider a year-end gift to the IAT Maine Chapter Annual Fund. Just go to the Donation page  on the Maine IAT website.

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